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VCS expresway packet loss observered on network monitoring tool.

On the netwrok monitoring tool i see PL for Cisco VCS expressway. Was this because of VCS expressway or the network? How to check from the VCS expressway log for any activity or PL from the device.


As long as you do not have a

As long as you do not have a software or hardware fault (or some wrong set up virtual machine)

I would not expect the VCS itself to generate packet loss.


Packet loss is most likely a issue in your network, from defective cables, switches, routers,

wrong duplex / mtu settings, over utilized links, ....


Talk to your users to get a feeling how critical it is and if they do not complain use your

time to be proactive and see what might cause it and how you can fix it.

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Thanks for your reply Martin.

Thanks for your reply Martin. I had checked the Cisco switch, router, cables before itself. Everything was good. Also i could find no PL for any other device connected to that switch. Telnet and ssh is also disabled on the VCSE. I was trying to understand if we can try to monitor if someone logs into the VCSE other than me, as i have the VCSE on a public IP; will it be accessible from external network over any other port. That is what i am concern of. Some other port by which VCSE can be accesses and traffic generated from the VCSE box.

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