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VCS Neighboring

Good Morning All!

  We are currently experiencing an issue with  neighboring our VCS expressways.  All of our neighbor zones show  "Active" with dial rules configured and all required ports have been  opened on the firewall between our Controls and Expressways.  The issue  is when we dial an E.164 alias, the call fails with the following error  in the search history:

"No Route for Bandwidth Calculation"

This  happens regardless of which neighbor we dial.  I have even setup an  internal test by registering a codec to a spare VCS, neighboring the  spare to the expressway and then dialing the codec.  I recieve the same  error.  I have opened a TAC, they suggested I reset the default links  through the CLI.  I have done this and sent all configuration logs as  well.  I am waiting to hear back from them, however, I was hoping you  guys could offer any other suggestions.



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VCS Neighboring

Which VCS versions do you use, how do your search rules / transforms look like, how about links and pipes?

In general a xconfig, xstatus, xhistory and diagnostic logging / trace might help to figure out more.

Maybe you could start with a full text of the search history.

Any chance that this is a sip call which lacks the @whatever? Think I had seen something like that.

Also check if there is any ALG / Firewal / ... which might add strangeness.

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VCS Neighboring

If you register two endpoint to the vcs control and they can call each other repeat the test on the expressway if the cna call each other then place a call from one of the units to an external IP or neighbour. If that fails to mutiple zone it would appear to be a defaut (sub)zone problem.

Havetr there been any change to bandwidth limits? I have seen issue if you make changes to limits while calls are in place you cna get abnormal behaviour and a restart usually resolves the issue

Can you also check your licences on the box and see if there are any hung calls on the vcs expressway.( showing active but you cna see your internal  endpoints listed in the call are not in a call)

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VCS Neighboring

We are using x6.1 on all of our vcs's.  Unfortunately, the  environment I work in prevents me from posting any configurations or  search history on here.  But, I ran the tests, if the two codecs are  registred on the control or both on the expressway they can call  eachother, as soon as I seperate them, I get the error.  After taking a  closer look at the links, it turns out there was no bandwidth link  configured between the control and the expressway. 

Once I configured this link, I was able to communicate between the two systems.  Now I just need to test with a neighbor zone.

Thanks all for the troubleshooting ideas.

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