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VCS registered SIP device directory

Is there a way to display directory of endpoints registering to SIP local database on VCS to display on the MX-300 or EX-90 ? I can search if I know the device@domain name but I would like the directory to be displayed on MX-300

Any help appreciated.


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VCS registered SIP device directory


On the TMS, you can create a phone book gatekeeper source that points to the VCS. You then at that to a phone book, and assign the phonebook to the endpoint(s) that you would like to use that phonebook.


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VCS registered SIP device directory

Here is brief steps for creating new phonebook source using VCS registration information and make it available on Endpoint via TMS.

1. Create new phonebook source

Under “Phone Books > Manage Phone Book Sources” on TMS, create new phone book sources with type “Gatekeeper”.

Then select VCS that you would like TMS to retrieve registration information under “Select Gatekeeper” field.

You also want to configure “Update Frequency” field that how often TMS retrieve registration information from VCS and update phonebook information.

You can review what information has updated on newly created phonebook source by click “View Contacts”.

2. Add phonebook source to phone books

Under “Phone Books > Manage Phone Books” on TMS, either add newly created phonebook source to existing phone book (by click “Connect” then select newly created phonebook source from list” or create new phone book and add phonebook source into it in same way.

3. Set phonebook to Endpoint that you would like to receive above phonebook as Corporate Directory.

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