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VCS X8.1 Backwards compatibility

So now that I've gotten back from holidays and had a chance to read through the X8.1 documentation, I have a question.

It won't be an officially supported answer, for sure.

Concerning backwards compatibility with Tandberg Gatekeepers and Border Controllers, which are now End of Life, it appears that the X8.1 Release notes document a change in X8.1 that will now make them incompatible with the old Tandberg devices.  The change is concerning the "new traversal media port framework", and how the RTP/RTCP media demultiplexing now uses the first set of ports from the general range of traversal media ports instead of 2776 and 2777 (which has been in use for many years).

This would appear to me to break the ability to form Traversal Zones with the EoL Gatekeepers/Border Controllers.

Would anyone else care to venture their opinion, or better yet show that they may have done this?

I have a client that is only now moving form their older infrastructure to the VCSs, and it will be a 3 gatekeeper/1 BC to 3 VCS-C/1 VCS-E migration.  If I can't keep backwards compatibility, it's going to make the migration much more difficult and create a lot more downtime.  It may be better for me to deploy them with X7.2.2 and then upgrade them all when done.


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VCS X8.1 Backwards compatibility

Hello Anyhony!

Without having it tested I can not say if not or if it would cause problems.

Just out of curiosity, where do you expect to see an issue?

I would mainly see a change regards the used ports, so the firewall needs to be updated,

but that needs to be done anyhow. If I recall it right the BK/GK combination uses uses the

default h323 ports for all traversal zones, the vcs has different ports to be used for each

traversal client/zone, so thats a change anyhow.

Regards the media ports, they should just be part of the signaling, so if its 2776 or 50000

should not matter that much. Best would be to test it.

You can anyhow preconfigure all VCS and then replace them in one step by just switching

the ethernet prots, ...

There are some other port ranges which were extended for X8. If you would upgrade from X7.2.2

the old values would be taken. Think I would start with fresh X8.1 and configure what you need.

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Re: VCS X8.1 Backwards compatibility

My concern is that the VCS-E is expecting traversal media on UDP/50000-50001 or 36000-36001, whereas the old Gatekeepers will be sending it on 2776-2777 (or the other way with VCS-C sending on 36000+ and the Border Controller is expecting on 2776-2777; if I recall though VCS traversal client to Border Controller traversal server was always unsupported).

Or am I okay as long as I replace the Border Controller first, because it will tell the Gatekeepers what ports to use for media traversal???

Replacing them all in one step will be difficult.  Due to geography, some portion of the clients will be effectively down for a day or two.

Re: VCS X8.1 Backwards compatibility

Is it possible to still get Release Keys for the older Gatekeepers/Border Controllers that are EoL?

I have a GK that I could use for some testing around this project, but it's on N5.2.  If I could upgrade it to N6.3, I might be able to do some testing and get it to work.

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