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VCSC + VCSE + Lync

Hi All,

We have a client that has enquired about lync. They already have a vcsc (x8) + vcse (x8) setup and would like to know if it is possible to install the lync key on this setup rather than purchasing a separate vcse to act as a lync gateway. If this is possible, what would be required and how would it be configured. i.e licenses etc

Thanks in advance



Hi hgraniteworksI believe


I think there maybe other drawbacks that might affect you but you should refer to the Lync/VCS deployment guide.

worked out at around £25k, and if we wanted to add a new VCS with the call relevant licences this would add say another £20k. To compound the issue, we have potentially 50+ places that might want this such integration and so the cost were unjustifiable. In each of our cases, I don't think that any more that a handful of Lync calls would traverse the B2BUA and so you can see that the cost we not acceptable.

BTW and FYI, you can use the Lync 2010 client with Lync 2013 server AND get a videoconference working without a licence key with your standards based clients - however, the quality is poor as the video CODEC used is only H.263 with a resolution of 352x288.

In addition, the VCS/Lync B2BUA doesn't handle presentation very well. A secondary video feed from a standards based device can be sent to the Lync client as a primary video feed, but as Lync used RDP for presentation, you can't go the other way. Also, presentation is pretty pointless is you use the Lync 2010 client because of the poor quality as mentioned above.


We are currently about to trial a couple of product called PEXIP (as brought to you by those nice people that gave you Tandberg!) and ACANO, both of which offer visualised bridges to allow for interoperability, with a much more reasonable cost model, so I just hope that they work as I would expect them to.


Many thanks


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