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VCSs with TMS


Can I check if we can have 1 x TMS version 13.2.1 with 1 x VCS 6.1 and 1 x VCS 7.1 connected?

I am suppose to do a migration, but I just like to migrate one first for the time being.

Can anyone also let me know what are the things I should look out for during the migration. Any implications to OpenDS?

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VCSs with TMS

Do you have added the "Device Provisioning" option key to more then the X7.1 VCS?

If not I do not see a big issue.

Whats your reason that you do not upgrade the X6.1 VCS to X7.1?

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VCSs with TMS

Hey Martin,

We have movi users so I believe we have to add the device provisioning option key to the VCS?

And the reason for not moving all VCS into 7.1 is because I like to try one out first and if it is working properly then we migrate the rest into 7.1 too.

VCSs with TMS

If you need to migrate two networks then you also would need to migrate the provisioning data

and then at least it might be possible to just use one VCS for the provisioning.

If you have to have two VCS with provisioning its a bit complex regards the network traffic

as all VCSs and the TMS have to talk to each other full meshed.

In this case the new provisioning extension migt be handy, but that requires X7.1.

Some things just dont work with different releases or even exclude itself.

Its also dependent on your deployment.

What do you think about contacting your Cisco TelePresence partner and get help on a

review how to optimize the network and what to do.

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VCSs with TMS

You may have multiple VCS on TMS and run different software version on each unless those are cluster or provisioning VCS (for example, one VCS for provisioning and other for standalone VCS with HW Endpoint then neighbor those).

However we’d recommend to upgrade VCS to X7.1 (or X7.2 which will become publicly available shortly) and also migrate to TMS Provisioning Extension rather than using OpenDS/Legacy TMS Agent.

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