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Video Call Name/Banner (Point to point calls)?


Question that i'm hopeful someone can answer it possible to have a system's name display show up in a video session (point to point)

We are aware that on the MCU/Telepresence Server there are configurable settings to display participant names etc..where there are 2 or more participants landing on the bridge.... however what about p2p?



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Hi Sid,I think it depends on

Hi Sid,

I think it depends on your end point configuration. I have EX60's with the SIP profile 1 DisplayName configured, when in a point to point SIP call this name shows up on the Touch8 pad.

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hi Wildflower, thanks for

hi Wildflower, thanks for your quick response.

I'm looking for the name to show up on the actual screen displaying video not on the touch pad. not sure if that's possible?.. would it show up in the scenario you describe above?

We have a variety of codecs but are open to any specific configuration that needs to be made 

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hi,I don't think that is


I don't think that is possible (but am happy to be proven wrong)  The name display in multiway calls is displayed/presented by the MCU, when in point to point calls the detail on the Touch8 pads is in the setup/signalling data, not the media stream.

When working with the 3010 systems (6 seater immersive board rooms) Cisco advised putting a room name board on the back wall behind the participants so you could see who you were talking to.  Its a low tech solution to your problem ;)

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I have reached the same

I have reached the same conclusion .. so was looking for someone to prove me wrong.

Really appreciate your comments.. I'm good for now..

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