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Videoconference devices Syslog


I have a doubt about the syslog in VC devices.

VCS, MCU and endpoints, has a parameter to define the Syslog server.

Can I use a TMS to receive the syslogs ?

Can I analice the call statistics from TMS ? What is the most recommended way to do it ?



Videoconference devices Syslog

Hi Douglas!

No, the TMS software itself is not a syslog server, nor windows by default.

Not sure about the MS-Unix-Utils which exists, but I guess there will be plenty

free and pay ware servers. Running additional software on the TMS might break

the support conditions (at least when they generate trouble).

I am quite happy with syslog and a snmpd running on linux servers.

The VCS, MCU and other devices send feedback to the TMS via

their own feedback protocols, so much of the information is already processed via that.

I would like to see an easier way to get better CDRs and traffic/loss statistics out of these boxes,

but sadly thats quite limited or put it like that, combined with an additional server and work.

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Videoconference devices Syslog

Hi Martin,

Thought I'd ask directly instead of starting a new discussion!  I'm looking into enabling the syslog for a customer and I'm after network traffic throughput taking into consideration in terms of Mb/sec and frequency.  I'm looking at enabling the remote syslog for a dual network int VCSe so the traffic to the syslog will be coming through the firewall and the firewall chaps are consious about the amount of traffic potentially being generated, I guess this depends on loglevel also?



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