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Voice switching sensitivity with Conductor + TP Server


We've recently implemented Conductor 2.3 + TP server 4.0(1.57) for use with Multiway, while we are connecting straight to TP server for our scheduled conferences.

We've had complaints that the active speaker switching is very slow to respond on the Conductor/Multiway conferences when compared with scheduled conferences.

When the TP server is in "remotely managed" mode, I can't find anywhere on Conductor or TP server to adjust the voice switching sensitivity, although I note that if I take a backup configuration of the TP server, the voice switching sensitivity is set to 75%, which is the same value as our "working" locally managed TP server.

Can someone tell me if this is a bug, a misconfiguration or a limitation?  I didn't see anything in the release notes of TP server 4.0(2.8) relating to voice switching sensitivity so I haven't tried upgrading yet.


OK I upgraded TP server to 4

OK I upgraded TP server to 4.0(2.8) and it fixed the issue, however there's still nowhere to change the voice sensitivity.  While our implementation seems to have taken the 75% setting from when the TP server was locally managed (as evidenced by the backup config), it would still be nice to be able to change it if required without having to backup the config, modify and restore it.

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