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WAN bandwidth for TelePresence calls

I'm trying to calculate total bandwidth usage over WAN MPLS. The cisco SBA states to allocate 23% of total bandwidth for video.

The main question I have is in regards to bi-direction total bandwidth.

IE) 6 MBPS WAN connection for site A and Site B. Codecs at site A and site B are configured for 768 Kbps. Including 20% overhead, that amounts to 921Kbps. Now, as far as the pipe is concernced, is one call technically using a max of 921 X 2 = 1842 Kbps? I would assume due to RX and TX.

So in theory, in a 6 MBPS pipe, allocating 2356 MB for video traffic, only 1 call could be allowed at a time since 2 calls at 768 Kbps would exceed 2356 MB?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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WAN bandwidth for TelePresence calls

If you have a 6Mbps WAN pipe, that would usually mean 6Mbps in each direction at the same time, so you wouldn't be exceeding your bandwidth in the scenario you've outlined above.

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