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webshots or remote monitoring for CISCO EX60

In the beginning my issue was the touch panel interface panel lost its screen image and control functionality.  I thought it had a bad cable or cable connection.  Long story short, I got the touch panel to work again by resetting the unit to factory settings. When to unit booted up I starting setting the unit back to the settings that were on it before the reset.  Now I seemed to have lost the webshots monitoring that was working prior to the reset.  The option is there, but it keeps saying that I do not have the permission to make this change.  Is this the same issue as the new updated firmware that does not included remote monitoring without an access key?  I did not do a firmware upgrade, I just reset to factory settings and the option is restricted now.  Any help out there to restore my webshots monitoring again without having to purchase a key to do it?  

Also on a separate issue, I purchased a TRC-V5 hand remote but it does not work with this unit. Is there anything I can do short of spending more money to gain this capability. The option is set to Full and I see the LED blinking as the hand remote is sending commands but the unit do not respond any further.

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What is the software version

What is the software version of the EX60?

Depending on the software version, web snapshots can be enabled by doing the following:

  • TC7.3.3 - Remote Monitoring option key added to endpoint.
  • TC7.3.0 to TC7.2.0 - Use web interface (Configuration > System Configuration > Video).
  • TC7.1.0 and earlier - Use Touch 8 (Settings > Administrator > Web Snapshots).

Refer to the EX Series Admin Guides for more information on enabling web snapshots.

The EX Series endpoints is designed to be used with a Touch 8, and a remote control is not recommended.  If running TC6 software, to enable the use of the TRC5 remote control, enable the following in either the web interface or SSH:

  • Experimental SystemUnit MenuType: Interactive
  • SystemUnit IrSensor: On

Also, refer to CSCvb18784 for more information.

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