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What happened to my MOVI?

   Now I have trouble with MOVI(Jabber).The trouble is when a MOVI calls another MOVI,the bandwidth TMS allows is 384Kb/s,but the real bandwidth is 100Kb/s.So the picture is too bad to be acceptable.When I use MCU to call two MOVI,everything is OK and the real bandwidth is about 384Kb/s.And more,MOVI calls a hardware endpoint ,such a EX90,everything is OK.I checked the configuration of MOVI.Nothing is unnormal.Anybody can give me some suggestions about this problem?

Thank you.

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What happened to my MOVI?

384 kbit is quite a low max bitrate anyhow.

What kind of network do the clients use? Remember that many connections use

asymetric (most likely more in then out bandwidth). If to like this call each other

you would get only the lower speed in both directions.

JabberVideo has some bandwidth detection capability and in addition stores

connection info based on the used network and destination.

So if you had a lot of loss on that link it can be the wanted behavior to not allow more bandwidth.

Where do you see the 100kbit, in the JabberVideo info, the VCS, measured, ...?

It can also be some other kind of bandwidth limitation in your configuration.

In general I would recomend you add some more info like a network drawing and more

info about your setup

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What happened to my MOVI?


Both MOVI and EX90 are registered in VCS expressway which is in the Internet.And MOVI and EX90 are in the same locations.The packet loss is 0.1%.I see the 100Kb in the JabberVideo info.

What happened to my MOVI?

Hi Wei,

have you verified you don't have any bandwidth restriction on the VCS??

need more information about the physical network also.



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What happened to my MOVI?

Now I tried to get the information from the IT manager who is resposible for VCS by email.Once I get the information,I'll tell you.The Physical network has no limits.

Thank you,Alok

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