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what is the suitable product for video endpoints to participate in a video conference

we have a scenario where  5 "9951" Cisco video phones and 5 "SX20" units Plus other voice phones all in one site (Location) and we want to be able to create video conference between the video endpoints (3+ units video call ).

and possibly with any other 3rd party video unit (on internet ) .

we have  a BE6K and cucm 10
can we use cucm to register all units and then use VCS (virtual Machine ) to create the conference bridge ? .


Hello,You can create a


You can create a conference with the endpoints however you will need a conference bridge for it. Cisco VCS is not a conference bridge but another call control device. A Conference bridge will be a MCU. You could get a MCU5300, Telepresence Server (virtual) or some other flavor of MCU. 

The VCSC/VCSE combo is needed to have endpoints from the internet call into the conference bridge. In your scenario, if you dont have H323 devices, I would go with Expressway C/E(same code base as VCSC/E but different licenses) since those are cheaper(and you should already be entitled for it based on BE6K), you will need to purchase Real media session licenses for the number of concurrent calls that will need to happen to the "internet". 

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what abut Cisco ISR G2 Router

what abut Cisco ISR G2 Router as Video Conferencing Bridge ?

we have cisco 2901 with PVDM3- 64 and 8 FXO ports which will be replaced later on with a sip trunk.


can we use it for conference video calls at least for units inside the LAN ?


That is actually the VCS

That is actually the VCS server. The MCU doesnt come free with BE6K. It needs to be purchased. Do you have CUWL PRO by chance - if so you could use Personal Multiparty:

Else you will have to buy a MCU.

You could potentially use the PVDM3-64 but there are some limitations. 

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i was hopping for another :(

i was hopping for another  answer :( .


Thank you very much George  for the quick and detailed answers .

No problem, here is a data

No problem, here is a data sheet for the PVDMs:

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also , included with the BE6k

also , included with the BE6k an OVA image of "Cisco Telepresence Video Communication Server / Expressway" "s42700x8_1_0.ova"

is this the one that you referred as "Telepresence Server (virtual)"


i.e . can i use it ?



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