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When to add a new MCU


We currently have one 8710, a 8510 and a 4510.  We are noticing that the 8710 is getting the bulk of the work.  In the environment, we have 3010 Telepresence units and Profile units.  I know at some point I need to add a new 8710 MCU but when do you add a new MCU?  What is the best practice?   Any help is appreciated. 


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When to add a new MCU

What level of utilzation are you seeing on your 8710?

I'm assuming it is maxed out on port capacity at 16 ports of 720p, right?

You do know that they're working on an upgrade to go from 16 ports to 24 ports as long as you have the full 16 ports optioned.

Regardless, you need to look at your utilzation of your 8710 and any other bridges you want to include and see how close you come to reaching your maximum capacity.

Your answer lies in the previous trends of utilzation.

TMS will tell you some of this, but you may want to look into CPCM for additional canned reporting that it can provide to you.

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When to add a new MCU

Thanks Michael. 

We average about 85 - 88% utilization of the 8710.  I did use CPCM to retrieve the data.  I'm just trying to be more proactive before I receive calls stating the 3000 series Telepresence units won't connect.

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When to add a new MCU

85% utilization is pretty high.

I would say that you should be looking at getting yourself a new bridge.

As I mentioned previously, there is going to be an upgrade to the 8710 to increase port capacity by 50%, but it looks like you should get another bridge anyway.

Are you a customer or a partner?

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When to add a new MCU

I'm a customer.  Thank you for your response.  It is much appreciated. 

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