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Where can I download "Expressway Port Tester"

The VCS admin guide has a ref to the EXPRESSWAY PORT TESTER. Where can I get it from?

Thanks in Advance


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Where can I download "Expressway Port Tester"

Hi Tomothy!

Hmm, thought there was also a link on the site, but sadly during

the last days that one must have been take offline = forward to cisco. :-(

Anyhow, if you google for it:

you will find it.

There is also an older posting in the Forum:

Anyhow please use a virus scanner and handle all files even from known sources with care.

Besides that and there is no answer here by Cisco, try to escalate this as a service request if you

have a valid service contract for a vcs and let us know what the answer was!

Do not expect to much from this tool, sure if something is very wrong with h323 you might find it.

Some years ago during Tandberg we files a never fulfilled feature request having such test

capabilities in "Movi" or the endpoints, incl. rtp,sip/h323/time/... and nat-helper/inspection/alg features.

plus a report towards tms.

Maybe that would be nice for CPCM! At least it would make the technicians working life easier :-)

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