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where to download s52011tcnc6.2?

was trying to download the TCNC6.2 software for SX20. unfortunately as per cisco, it is already deferred.


anyone here can share a link on where to download the file aside from cisco?



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If software is deferred, it's

If software is deferred, it's usually because those versions aren't supported anymore, or they contain security vulnerabilities that have been patched in a later release and Cisco doesn't want the vulnerable software to be available anymore.  The most recent series of vulnerabilities affected a lot of TC software releases, so most got deferred because of this.  I suggest you use TC6.3.3 instead, as that release contains all the most recent fixes for several security vulnerabilities in the TC6.x software series.  Details about TC6.3.3 can be found in the TC6 release notes.

Any particular reason you're wanting to download TC6.2?  Because it is deferred, you're not going to find a download for it on Cisco's site or anywhere else, unless someone happens to still have a copy themselves and sends it to you.

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hi Patrick, we are looking

hi Patrick,


we are looking for TCNC and not TC.



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I know, I referred to it as

I know, I referred to it as just TC, as TCNC is the same software and features as regular TC software, except without encryption. Still, everything I said earlier applies, no matter if you're running TC, TCNC, or the versions for CUCM. Deferred software is not available and there is not download for them anymore. As I said, the recent security vulnerabilities causes almost all versions of the TC software, including TCNC, to be removed for download. The only available versions are those where the vulnerabilities have been patched. 

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