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Where to Register MCU?

I've seen a few posts dancing around this subject, but none that nail it, so I' asking about my specific scenario.

I have a VCS-E, a VCS-C, an MCU, a couple of MX phones, a couple 79XX phones and a bunch of people using Jabber for Windows. 

I would like to have everyone on the inside of my network be able to  do ad-hoc as well as rendezvous conferencing (scheduled would be nice, but not  necessary...don't have a TMS).  My understanding is that if all of the phones are registered to CUCM and the MCU is also registered to CUCM, I will probably be able to do this by having the MCU set up as a media resource.  My first question is whether this is really correct.  I get that doing ad-hoc conferences would be easy enough, but how would I set up rendezvous conferences?  The same way that I set up a Meet-Me?  Or would I have to have an additional SIP trunk going to the MCU with a pattern pointing to it?

My second question is about those on the outside of my organization.  If my MCU is registered to the CUCM, will they be able to call into rendezvous conferences?  I know they won't be able to initiate ad-hoc conferences, but can they participate in one set up by somoene on the inside? 

Taken the other way around, if I register the MCU to the VCS, can I do ad-hoc conferences from my CUCM registered devices?  Can I do rendezvous?

As a workaround, can I get away with registering the MCU to both CUCM and the VCS-C?

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