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6.2.1 web client oddities


Anyone got the latest version of the 6.2.1 web client up and running?

I'm getting some slightly odd behaviour using IE10 (although this still gives the "unsupported browser" message) and all other browsers.

If I right click on a job there is no "insert job into schedule" option. The item still exists under the actions menu at the top however.

This functionality does work fine in the TES java client.


Anyone else seeing this or is it just me?




Community Member

Some of our customers have

Some of our customers have mentioned that they run into these oddities using various browsers. For instance, chrome runs faster but is missing certain options like you mentioned. IE may have a different set of missing items, etc. I am using IE 10 with 6.0 and don't notice anything missing.

So, no it's not just you!

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Ok. I get the same behavior



I get the same behavior with IE10, IE11, FF3X* and Chrome. I know only IE10 is fully supported but that seems to be IE10 without any MS patches.


We've had some fun with the java client so its possibly an issue at the back end.

Its nothing we can't live with but it's hard enough getting the users off the 5.3.1 fat client without having to add a new set of quirks.



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