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Best Practice on Dependencies

We are new to Tidal (6.1)  and create jobs or jobgroup dependencies as:

  • default is to use Match Occurrence
  • Last Occurrence is only used for specific jobs that are demanded adhoc

This gives us some problems when we manipulate jobs - suddenly we have non-matching occurrence numbers for jobs in the same jobgroup and dependencies fail to work as intended.

This could - in many cases - be solved, if we used Last Occurrence dependencies. On the other hand we might want to have more than one occurrence of the jobgroup scheduled for the same day and then Last Occurrence won't work.

What is Best Practice  ?


New Member

1. Match occurrence : Use

1. Match occurrence : Use when want dependency of the same number of occurrence of the depended Job.

2. Last occurrence : Use when want your dependent job should not be bother the same occurrence of depended Job.

3. First occurrence : Use when you want to always consider first occurrence of depended job.


The choice of above dependency is based on you need. Generally if you are going to schedule your Jobs and scheduled job using dependency or output coming from depended job into dependent job then this matters.


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