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Cannot edit SAP or WebService Jobs via Client (5.3)

When I try to edit or view our SAP or Web service jobs in the Client (5.3), it

brings up the job details but there is no SAP or web service tabs shown and the

Job name and other details of the job are blank.

From the same computer, I can successfully edit sap/web service jobs pointing at

our other database alias' (we have 2 QA environments). It is just the one

environment that is having this issue.

Our license is ok and the SAP and WS connections are fine. The SAP and WS jobs

are also running fine.

This is not the issue where the client machine's SAP and WS Adapters are getting

"confused" BECAUSE we CANNOT open sap/ws jobs from ANY machine. I am sure that

this has to do with settings on the server or in the database.

We have been able to open these successfully in the past.

Any ideas from anyone having this same experience would be greatly appreciated.


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