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cm not seeing updated logs

I've had 2 occurences in the past 24 hours of users getting "Connection reset by peer: socket write error" on one of the 2 CM they connect to. I can connect to the other but see no logs updated, looks like since the other CM lost its connection.

I have to restart Tidal services on both CM and the master/backup to get all information going again.

I have Tidal 6.03 FT with 2 CM - all on VM's and a SQL DB.

Anyone seen this before? Anyone have a resolution I can look at?

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cm not seeing updated logs

Is that in the CM logs or in your client browser? what Browser are you using? Have you externalized the database? How are you 2 CMS setup (infrastructure and network)? We probably need more information to help.

I don't think you are alone in seeing timing issues when looking independently at each CM. They may have different "synch" intervals and may need to be configured / tuned. There are some documents out there for that... Certainly  having Cisco review would be the best option.


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