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FTP Job transfers partial file

We have FTP job that transfers an incomplete/partial file. Below is the tidal output from the FTP job.

  Connected to host OWP2HOST

  Put e:\Apps\SFSprd\Data\out\17000_DM101_102513.dat to OWP2HOST as /u02/app/sfs/prd/in/M101_DAILY

  FTP JOB Completed Abnormal : M101_DAILY: Text file busy (code=450)

How do we prevent a tidal FTP job to transfer an incomplete/partial file? Please advise.



Community Member

FTP Job transfers partial file

You should use File Dependencies to control when the FTP starts.  I recommend you place three file dependencies on the FTP job.  Each File Dependency must be added separately on the Dependencies tab.

  1. File Exists
  2. File Stable for X minutes
  3. File Size >= 1

1) This dependency is met as soon as the file is present, but the file may not be complete.

2) This dependency is met once the file size has not changed for X minutes.  This assures the file is no longer increasing in size.

3) This dependency requires the file be non-zero.  I've seen cases where a process creates a zero-byte file as a placeholder at the start of processing, but does not populate the file with data until the end of the process.

Good luck.

Community Member

FTP Job transfers partial file

Many thanks Tracy it works. We had an existing file dependecny that checks for existence. I only need to add that check for file stability option 2 

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