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How do I run a job 24 hours by 6 days.?

I want to run a job that starts on sunday night and run continously (ie in an "active" state in tidal) until the following sunday. At which point it will stop and restart. To clarify here is the behavior:

1. Start job at Sunday 6pm. 

2. Run continuously until the following sunday at 6pm, at which point it will restart and begin again. 

Do I need to set no end window in the schedule tab? but then the job will never stop ? and therefore how do i get it to restart?



I should warn you first about

I should warn you first about setting up these long time running jobs as you will want to allocate downtime for daily/weekly/monthly maintenance etc. Also, try this in your development environment first as I am not sure how taxing this could be on your Master.


First, in Tidal GUI -> Activities -> Configure -> Master tab, verify how many FUTURE Days to Include in Schedule. In this case, you want to set this number to 7. And verify the number of Days to Carryover (999=default/forever).


Create a Tidal job and schedule it to run once per week (Sunday). If this job belongs to a group, then at the group level ensure the option settings are if the job is running, then select Run Anyway; and then at the job level, if job is running then select Defer Until Normal or Complete; and in both group and job levels, make sure the Disable Carryover option is UNCHECKED. This way only one instance of the job can run at any given time, and job/groups gets properly carried over. The job will stay ACTIVE until the script is done and it sends a return code back to Tidal (0 = Normal, != or = 0 is Complete). One way is to add timing logic in the code so that it knows when to stop. And then of course, on Sunday a new instance will already be scheduled and waiting for previous run to complete. Alternatively, you can set a MAX TIME for your job. If MAX TIME is exceeded, then you can call a job action to cancel the job.



Derrick Au


Just to clarify the time

Just to clarify the time window in the schedule tab only tells Tidal when is the EARLIEST time and the LATEST time to run your job--it all depends on the availability of Tidal resources, agents etc.

So OK to enter 6:00pm as the start time, and leave the end time BLANK; and select do not timeout.

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So far so good. These worked.

So far so good. These worked. Thanks Derrick. I'll know once the week passes, but I will consider a stop job that will kill off my program.


Just wanted to follow-up to

Just wanted to follow-up to see if this solution has worked for you.



Derrick Au

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actually it did for a while

actually it did for a while and just yesterday and today it has been killing the job at midnight when the schedule recompiles. Not sure what is going on since i have all the settings for the job and the group level as you mentioned. For the past two days, at midnight, the job gets killed. Check out my screenshot below. I've opened a case already but appreciate any immediate help I can get . This is pretty urgent now.


Hi bchencapstone, Do you know

Hi bchencapstone,


Do you know how the job gets killed? What message do you see? Does it get killed automatically by the runtime user? I suspect changes to the job(s) were made while job(s) were already scheduled. If this is the case, you should disable the jobs to REMOVE all scheduled instances from the schedule. Then re-enable them with an effective date of your choice.


If further assistance is required, please send me an email as the screenshot did not properly get loaded. Please email me the configuration for your job definition, and under Activities -> Configure Scheduler the Master tab with any confidential information masked.



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