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Job running long alert


I am trying to set up this 'Job running longer than maximum time' event on a job. The max time I am providing on run tab as per below screenshot (capture). Problem here is, tidal is not considering this 'max' time. I think its considering the estimated average time and whenever the job runs longer than that estimated time (i.e. 18mins as per capture), it triggers the alert/event. while it is supposed to trigger alert when job runs longer than the Max time mentioned (i.e. 6000mins). Can you please tell me why is this happening and what should I do to make this right.

Another doubt is for 'Missed Schedule' alert, Is there any threshold value that I can provide for the job to trigger event only when that value reaches. For eg. Job is scheduled at 3:00 PM, and due to some reasons it gets delayed by just a minute and system triggers this missed schedule event. I need the system to throw an event only when that job delayes its schedule by more than 10minutes i.e. at 3:10PM instead of 3:00 PM. .

Kindly suggest !!

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