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Job set to rerun- how to coninue even if a failure

I have a job scheduled to run every 20 minutes.  I have the job currently configured to rerun same occurrence.   When one of the runs fail the job will not run again until I manually intervene.

How can I set the job to keep on schedule even if one of the instances fails?

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I think you should try

I think you should try running a new occurrence to achieve your need.


If you run the same occurrence, then the next instance will not be triggered. But make sure, your job completes in less time, than your instance frequency. 


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Thanks Ravi, that was my next

Thanks Ravi, that was my next thought as well. My concern is I have a second job dependent on this job which I have set to "run each time dependencies are met" which I am assuming will not work with the new occurrence since the instances won't match up.

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Bill, Can you say me what

Bill, Can you say me what kind of errors you are seeing with first job? I mean if those errors rectify with re-run, then you can create a event to re-run when a job fails and assign your first job to that. That way, the job will re-run the same instance and your dependency can also be met.

One more workaround, of course, it is purely based on the type of dependency. I mean if your second job not using any input from the first job, like your first job just pushes second one to run, then you can change the dependency type to "Completed" than "Completed Normally" which by default.

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