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Community Member

Job 'skipped' before the scheduled time

This look strange to me that jobs are showing skipped status even before their scheduled time. job runs every 10mins, I am currently overriding the job every 10 mins. Can anybody please explain me the reason behind this behaviour and a solution for this situation now.

What if I rerun the job group, will that trigger the runs that literally have skipped their runs i.e whose scheduled time has passed. I want just the upcoming runs to trigger normally on their own.

PFA the screenshot of job.

Community Member

Job 'skipped' before the scheduled time

May I please have a reply for this as I am still overriding the job manually in every 10mins.

Cisco Employee

Job 'skipped' before the scheduled time


If this is a production issue I suggest opening a case. 

From the reference guide:

  • Jobs are skipped because another occurrence of the job is running when the job is launched. These jobs have the Skip option set in the If job is currently running field on the Options tab of their job definition.

Stop the running occurrence of this job and the next one should run.

Community Member

Job 'skipped' before the scheduled time

Hi Prakash,

First thing I did here was to stop that active run. But even after doing so, next runs aren't triggering, they are still in skipped state. I am triggering them manually.Suggest something please.

One more doubt, by any chance will these skipped jobs hamper the next day run. As no job is currently active and the job group has been set to completed normally , I think next day runs will trigger for sure. correct me if I am wrong.

Cisco Employee

Job 'skipped' before the scheduled time

A skipped job will not run.  The new instances of the job should run if you've stopped all running instances of the job.

So don't look at the already skipped jobs, look for the new ones.

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