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Moving ADMIRAL database on SQL 2005 to SQL 2008 R2 Named Instance

  We are planning to move the ADMIRAL database which is currently located on SQL 2005 to SQL 2008 R2. What configuration changes do we need to make for this change?


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Moving ADMIRAL database on SQL 2005 to SQL 2008 R2 Named Instan

You should probably ask Cisco to help you through this they can likely provide you with an updated document and jar file

  1. You will need to update your master.props settings.
  2. You will need potentially need a new jar
  3. Perform on a maintenance weekend with a maximum amount of recovery time

I have a Cisco  doc and Zip files from 2010 when we did this but it is likely a different JAR that you would want to apply now.

What I would think are the Sequence of events (disclaimer Cisco would be best source of sequence, order, etc)

  1. set system queue to zero
  2. close all client sessions
  3. stop master services
  4. kill all connections to Admiral database
  5. backup admiral database
  6. set database offline and rename
  7. Restore admiral database backup to new target SQL server 2008 instances
  8. Creare a backup of master.props
  9. Apply Jar to update master / SQL scripts (if supplied by Cisco)
  10. Update master.props with new settings
    1. JdbcURL=jdbc:sqlserver://:;selectMethod=cursor;databaseName=Admiral (or Admiral DB name)
    2. There could be other setting that may also need to chance
  11. Start Tidal Master make sure it is running
  12. Connect Client
  13. Verify Connections
  14. Turn on System Queue slowly ramp up from a few to your standard level
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