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New job not scheduling itself for the future.

In TES 5.3.1, we are trying to add a new job group, however when I finish creating the new group and check the 'History' tab, it is not showing the expected scheduled run for tomorrow. 

When i save the group, it prompts me for the effective date of the job, and i pick tomorrow, but it never shows the schedule for tomorrow on History? Bug? 

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what is the status of your

what is the status of your schedule for tomorrow ? Can you revert to forecast and see if the job appears.

Also did the job appear the next day ? Id be surprised if it didnt once the schedule was recalculated presuming the calendar chosen was correct.

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If there is a parent group

If there is a parent group for which the main group is housed both should have a calendar setup.


Hi manicstar,Check your Tidal

Hi manicstar,

Check your Tidal master logs.

If you encounter this error, Compile operation failed while writing records to database.  Production day: MM/DD/YYYY 00:00:00, Number of Records: X, Record Type: JobRun. Attempting individual write of each record.  Please contact your Scheduler Administrator immediately

Then that is a good indication you are running low on diskspace. Please have your DBA/Storage team check if there are any diskspace issues on your DB server.


Derrick Au

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