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Resource staying locked

Hi All - We are running  We have a some jobs that share a resource.  The jobs have a time window and rerun during the day.  We are seeing that the resource is getting locked towards the end of the day and then we are having to release it for the new production day.  The jobs are set to disable carryover.  the jobs are running on Windows Agents version

Has anyone else experienced this issue?


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Resource staying locked

We have seen this when a job that uses a resource runs long.

We allow jobs to carry over one day.  If a job starts on day one, then hangs and does not complete by the end of day two, the resource isn't released.  The job remains in Active status.  This also happens with long running jobs even when the process launched by Tidal completes.  If the job completes after the end of day two, the job status remains Active and the resource is not released.

It seems the job has to have a "terminal" status to release the resource, which does make sense.

What is the status of your jobs?  Are they "Completed Normally" or are they "Active"?

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Resource staying locked

There were some jobs in non-terminal states from a couple of months ago.  They didn't match the dates of the jobs that held the lock, but they were the same jobs.  I've cleaned those up and we have not seen the issue repeated in the last two days.

Thank you for giving me a place to start!


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