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Scheduling Question

Here is the scenario:

I have a job (part of a group) that needs to wait on a file dependency. I would like the job to

only wait for a specified amount of time before it gives up and goes to "completed normally" status so the rest of the group continues. I would normally set it up with a time window and then use an event to set it to completed normally if it's not ready by the end of the time window. However the issue here is this job group will be triggered by email multiple times per day - throughout the day. A time window won't work.

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Would it work to have the job

Would it work to have the job group repeat (on the schedule tab) multiple times per day?

In answer to a question about making a job group 'loop', tdonmoyer gave the following suggestion which migh work for you.

Just allow the job timeout and the status change to normal, then let the rest of the jobs complete.

Have a job event run the job group again when the last job in the group completes.



tdonmoyer about a month ago     

1) Create a Job Action to insert the job group

2) Create a Job Event to run the Job Action when the job completes normally

3) Add the Job Event to the job group or the last job to execute in the group.  When the job group completes normally it will trigger the Job Event to run the Job Action and insert a new instance of the job group.



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