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Tidal 6.1 Web GUI performance issues


We are noticing significant delays in the Web GUI of Tidal 6.1.  We tried all usual suspects like hardware size, logs, etc, etc. and still no improvement in performance.  We have about 5000 jobs and our infrastructure is windows based.  Does any of you experienced this problem and how did you address it?

thank you


New Member

Tidal 6.1 Web GUI performance issues

Hi Raj

Yes - we have similar issues. First of all you need to move the TESCache DB from Derby to "real" DB (MSSQL or Oracle) - see description in Reference Guide.

For sizing guidelines see the Performance Guide - and add some extra.

This will give you improvements, but keep looking out for hotfixes improving performance.


Tidal 6.1 Web GUI performance issues

And I was told that an optimization hotfix is coming down the pipes in a few days that should speed up some of the GUI experience.  We are waiting on this with baited breath.

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Tidal 6.1 Web GUI performance issues

We are a small shop (about 1,000 jobs) and we were extremely slow. I worked with one of the engineers and here are the changes we made that helped us a lot - we have 1 master (8 GB), one CM (12 GB), windows based, external Oracle DB. Pretty much these changes are based on size. Hope this helps somebody!


*** changes made

CacheSynchronizer.StreamCommitSize from 1000 to 3000

DataCache.ReadConnectionsMin from 5 to 10

DataCache.ReadConnectionsMax from 10 to 15

DataCache.WriteConnectionsMin from 5 to 10

DataCache.WriteConnectionsMax from 10 to 15

DataCache.PageCacheSize from 16384 to 32768

DataCache.ConnectionPoolMinSize from 5 to 10

DataCache.ConnectionPoolMaxSize from 10 to 15

DataCache.StatementCacheSize from 750 to 1500

ClientNode.MinSessionPoolSize from 5 to 10

ClientNode.MaxSessionPoolSize from 10 to 15


*** changes made

JVMARGS=-Xms8192m -Xmx8192m -XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m to

JVMARGS=-Xms10240m -Xmx10240m -XX:PermSize=1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=1024m

ClientSession.MinSessionPoolSize from 5 to 10

ClientSession.MaxSessionPoolSize from 10 to 15

DataSource.MinSessionPoolSize from 5 to 10

DataSource.MaxSessionPoolSize from 10 to 15


*** changes made

MessageBroker.MemoryLimit from 256 to 1024

MessageBroker.StoreLimit from 4096 to 12288

ClientConnection.MinSessionPoolSize from 5 to 10

ClientConnection.MaxSessionPoolSize from 10 to 15

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