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Tidal Externally Defined job

                   In the TES console, for an acitve job under JOB ACTIVITY, what is the best definition of a Externally Defined job?

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Tidal Externally Defined job

My understanding of this Job Status is that the job completed, but Tidal was unable to determine if the job succeeded or failed.  Simply put, this means operator intervention is required to determine the success or failure of the job.  This can happen when a job is defined to Scan Output to determine success or failure and no output is generated by the jobs.

Can anyone provide other examples?



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Tidal Externally Defined job

I agree with Tracy

The only other thing I can think of is:

You could force a status of  Externally Defined by checking "Extrernal" in the tracking area like a manual checkpoint requiring operator intervention or external process to set status (maybe via SACMD) to Completed Normally *

Otherwise as Tracy mention you can get this

if there is no output to be evaluated or output is still being gathered/written or not available at the time the job ends

Tidal Status defintion from help

If the status of a job occurrence is Externally Defined then Scheduler is waiting for an external status update.

We have also put emails on externally defined and this is what it comes up with (scan scenario):

Job Output:

Output for job XYZ [####] was not available to be scanned

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