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Using Tidal calendars outside of Tidal

So, my dev team thinks they'd like to base all their dev calendaring based on Tidal's calendars. I'm not entirely clear why they want to do this, but...

An example a member of the dev team provided was that they'd like to have a sharepoint site that they could go to, select some date and be able to determine what Tidal believes to have been, say, previous business day, previous quarter end, etc., based on their selection of that day on the sharepoint calendar.

Is there some way of accessing Tidal's calendars, or, perhaps more correctly, Tidal's calculated date variable values for such exposure?

Thanks in advance.


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Using Tidal calendars outside of Tidal

Seems like there would be much easier ways to get the information they want without using Tidal's calendars.  There are lots of calendars in Tidal and you probably don't use most of them, so the dev team would have to be careful which one they are basing their queries on.  For instance, the fiscal year tables (ie quarter end) did not match the fiscal calendar at a company I used to work at, so we built our own fiscal calendars. 

That said, the calendars and their conditions are stored in the evntcond, evntmst, evntyear, evntchld and evntfscl tables in the Tidal database.


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