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8.6.2 upgrade to 9.1.2 or 10.0

We currently have an 8.6.2 cluster and debating on upgrading to 9.1.2 or to 10.0. 10 has only been out about 7 months and there seems to be a long list of open bugs with it, although 9.1.2 has bugs as well. I was hoping to get some feedback from people who have upgrade to 9.1.2 or 10 and want to know their experiences or thoughts on which version might be best to upgrade too.


We have UCCX 9.0.2 and UC 8.6.2 as well in our environment. A few tandberg endpoints, but they are not registered to CUCM. Our environment is not overly complex. We do leverage a live steaming audio source for our MOH, so we would have to implement multi-cast to move to 10 and that is already in the works.

Any feed back on gotchas, stability or overall deployment headaches would be appreciated. THanks.

Cisco Employee

Hi,I would suggest checking


I would suggest checking the 'new features' section of cucm 10.0 and 10.5

Apart from offering new features, my recommendation is that we should always go for the latest version available as somewhere down the line you will have to upgrade due to a bug or a feature limitation.

Furthermore, you should check if there are any features in your current setup which you can not afford to lose out in the upgraded version.



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