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CUAC Advanced - Upgrading TSP 8.6.2 to 10.5.1


I'm upgrading a customer's UC suite which includes CUAC.

The customer was previously running CUBAC 8.6.2, but I upgraded the AC server to CUAC Advanced 10.5.1. as the first step in the UC suite upgrades. So currently the TSP installed in CUAC Advanced matches their CUCM version of 8.6.2.

This Wednesday I'm upgrading the customer's CUCM to 10.5.1, my question is regarding the upgrade of the TSP file in CUAC. Do I need to uninstall the existing TSP, reboot, then install the new TSP and reboot. Or can I simply install the new TSP 'over-the-top' of the existing TSP and reboot once?


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Hi David, I was refering the

Hi David,


I was refering the upgrade guide which says that we need to upgrade TSP  but does not talk about your concern.

• If you upgrade your Cisco Unified Communications Manager, you must upgrade the TSP installed 
on your Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced servers to the corresponding version. Failure to 
do this could result in devices not-registering and a lack of call control.


You can try installing TSP and check if you get any error message for the already installed like "Existing TSP is there . you need to uninstall or new TSP can be installed on TOP of older one "




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Thanks Aman, I'll try

Thanks Aman,


I'll try installing on top of the old TSP and I'll report back.



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thanks for updates[+5] regds

thanks for updates[+5]




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OK,Just reporting back on my


Just reporting back on my experience with this.

Once the migration of CUCM to 10.5.1 had completed, I opened the console to the CUAC server. There was a prompt on the server notifying me that CUAC had detected a different version of CiscoTSP running on CUCM. The prompt showed me that CUAC was running 8.6.2 and it detected 10.5.1. The prompt asked if I'd like to proceed with an 'automatic update' to 10.5.1.

'This is too easy' I thought... and it was. The installer bombed out with an error (I didn't pay attention to the cause). Anyway, the result was that I uninstalled the previous TSP, rebooted, installed the new TSP and ran through the 'add new hardware' wizard, then rebooted once more and all of the CTI devices registered to 10.5.1.

It looks like Cisco are trying to make things easier, which is a good thing - but in my case the auto update of TSP failed.



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