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Is CUCILync 8.6 compatible with CUC 9.1.2?

We need to upgrade CUC from 8.6.2 to 9.1.2, is there any compatibility issues with CUCILync 8.6 and also leaving CUCM at version 8.6.2?

Cisco Employee

The CUCILync release notes

The CUCILync release notes contain that information, have you reviewed them??

Pretty much any CUC release above 7.X is compatible with any CUCM release 5.X and above.



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CUCILync Release Notes for 8

CUCILync Release Notes for 8.6 only state compatibility with CUC 8.6 but the document "Release Notes for Cisco UC Integration for Microsoft Lync Release 8.6" was last updated on September 2012. CUC 9.1.2 was released after this date from what I can tell.  I have not been able to determine 9.1.2 is now compatible and the document has not been updated.

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If it's not there, it's not

If it's not there, it's not compatible.

Most likely you'll need a 9.2 version.



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Java is correct (+5), CUCI

Java is correct (+5), CUCI-Lync 9.2 is needed with CUCM 9.1, however CUCI-Lync 8.5 will work just fine if you choose to use it.


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Upgrader LAB CUC to 9.1.2 to

Upgrader LAB CUC to 9.1.2 to test CUCI-Lync 8.6 compatibility.

Results thus far:

Voice message store (using TCP) shows the following Status Error "The server has rejected the provided credentials"

Note: This happens only when the CUCI-Lync is pointed to the CUC 9.1.2 but the issue goes away when pointed to CUC 8.6 (using the same CSF)

Not sure if this is a configuration/regedit issue or a compatibility issue.



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