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Mandatory UCSS for Public Space - What is the user license upgrade entitlement?

I'm facing a scenario where a customer is running CUWL 8.x and wish to add a large number of conference phones.

Along with the license L-PUB-IP-DEV-UWL the CCW tool auto-adds UCSS. This is a mandatory requirement, it cannot be removed.

However, the Public Space concept has been retired, so this implies that if they eventually try to move onto CUCM 10.x, leveraging their main UCSS contract, they would simply lose all their Public Space users. Is this correct? 

My concern is that in spite of being forced to purchase a software upgrade subscription, our customer will never be able to do anything with it. 

I was hoping that SWSS had been released but I have a feeling it will not be made available for these licenses.

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Hi,Public Space license does


Public Space license does not exists in CUCM version 9 or 10.Phones which come under Public Space would require UCL license  depending on the type of model.

Since u are ordering for these licenses in CUCM 8.x so, that could be the reason UCSS is coming by default.

Once go for major upgrades from 8 to 9 or 10, at that time u do not have to go for UCL licenses.Automatically, Public Space licenses would get converted to UCL.

SWSS would be launched from Sep. 22,2014.



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Thanks Aman. A considerable

Thanks Aman.


A considerable decision is being made and I'm looking for supporting documentation. Do we have any link or PDF confirming the public space license would automatically convert to UCL with a major version upgrade?

Also what UCL does it upgrade to (presuming Enhanced)? 


Enhanced UCL is about 30% more expensive than Public Space (at least in our theatre). Forgive my skepticism, but I am surprised that Cisco would automatically convert Public => Enh UCL for free. Why not everyone go out and buy Public Space licenses then do the upgrade if this is the case?


Kind Regards,


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Hi Ben, Apologizes, I could

Hi Ben,


Apologizes, I could not find any supporting DOC.



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