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Recommended Order of UC Applications Migration/Upgrade

Hello Experts,


I am in need of your guidance. I need to migrate 3 UC applications from MCS servers to BE6K:

  1. CUCM 8.0.3 to CUCM 10.0.
  2. Unity 8.0.(3.1) to Unity Connection 10.0
  3. UCCX 7.0.2 to UCCX 10.0

In what order should I migrate/upgrade the applications that will have the least impact on users?


Thank you,



Hi Randy,Both Unity 8.0 and

Hi Randy,

Both Unity 8.0 and UCCX 7.) are not compatible with CUCM 10.0. So my suggestion is to upgrade to CUCM 10.0 first and then upgrade Unity Connection and UCCX to 10.0 versions in any order as you cannot operate Unity Connection or UCCX on a version which is not compatible with CUCM. You can reference the following compatibility matrices and a related post on supportforums




Community Member

Hello Manish,Wow. That makes

Hello Manish,

Wow. That makes it a bit more difficult than I expected. Thought I could migrate/upgrade one application at a time. Would you happen to know of a wiki/guide I can follow to successfully accomplish this task?

Thank you,


Cisco Employee

There are no guides that will

There are no guides that will explain how to upgrade a group of apps, we only have the upgrade guides PER app. All of them are available under -> Support, or you can simply search <product> + upgrade guide on



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Community Member

Hello Jaime,I've already

Hello Jaime,

I've already managed to create a virtual instance of our CUCM 8.0.3 and I've installed the COP file and "ciscocm.version3-keys.cop.sgn" to be able to do a direct upgrade to CUCM 10.5 (I've decided to go to the most recent version). Now I'm preparing for the migrate/upgrade of Unity and UCCX.

Based on what I've read so far, my plan of action is to:

1.  In my first maintenance window, I will migrate Unity 8.0.(3.1) to Unity Connection 10.0 since it'll still work with our current CUCM (which is 8.0.3) according to

2. In my next maintenance window, I will migrate/upgrade CUCM 8.0.3 to CUCM 10.5 and UCCX 7.0.2 to UCCX 9.0(2) on the same maintenance window. UCCX 9.0(2) is compatible with CUCM 10.5 according to  If all is well after the migrate/upgrade to UCCX 9.0(2), I will perform an upgrade to UCCX 10.0.

In your professional opinion, does this look like a sound plan to you? Is this a doable approach? Is there any surprise I should watch out for?

Thank you for your time,


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