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UCS C220-M3 CIMC Dedicated Interface


I have two servers UCS C220M3, the CIMC Interface is configured as Dedicated Nic Mode.

From what I have read, the default for the interface on this case is to work in speed 100 duplex Full.

I'd like to check if the interface is really working as 100/Full, but in the CIMC Web Network Settings and CIMC Configuration Utility does not have the option of changing the Port Properties (attached print screens). According to the cisco documentation, it was supposed to have the Port Properties options.


All this needed have started because we've been having some network problem with the CIMC connection. The port is intermittent and logging this error: SYS-3-PORT_IN_ERRORS: Port [dec]/[dec] detected [dec] input error(s) in last 30 minutes. We have already changed the cables and the switch port is configured as 100/Full. It's just missing to check the CIMC Port Properties.


Could someone help me?

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Hello, Could anyone help me,



Could anyone help me, please?


Attached the log file with errors on the switch connected.


Hi Jaque-It looks like you're

Hi Jaque-

It looks like you're running an old version of CIMC.  You should see the option after you upgrade using the following process:


Once you have completed that you should see the Duplex setting.


I hope that helps.



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Hello DJ,Thank you for your

Hello DJ,

Thank you for your return.

That's my problem. I am exactly trying to upgrade the CIMC, but I can't do it due to network intermittent, it's why I need to check the Duplex setting.

Is there any other way to check the Duplex setting? via cli maybe...


Tks, Jaque


Hi Jaque- I'm not able to

Hi Jaque-


I'm not able to find a way to take a look at the duplex settings in the older version.  I assume you've tried all of the basics like a new network cable and maybe a different port on the switch you're attached to? 


You might also try changing the NIC mode to Shared LOM if it's a new deployment or you're not using those ports currently.

 I just went through this upgrade and it was pretty painless.


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Hey, DJ, Yes, the upgrade is

Hey, DJ,


Yes, the upgrade is pretty easy to do, I have done in other two servers successfully. But when I start doing this on these other two servers, the network goes down and I lost access.


Yes, we have changed the network cable, but we are unable to change the switch port. However, I don't think it's a problem with the port on the switch, because the same issue has been happening with two different servers. Both are in the same CIMC version.


I have found a Cisco Procedure (attached) on How to Configuring Interface Properties and there is an option of changing the Duplex settings (page 13). Do you know if this is a valid option for this CIMC version that I am using?




Hey Jaque- I'm sorry, but I

Hey Jaque-


I'm sorry, but I can't for the life of me find the doc for that version.  Have you had any luck getting this working?



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No problem, DJ. No, I haven't

No problem, DJ.


No, I haven't been there yet after that. I am planning to go back there and proceed tests in two weeks. The document I sent previously attached is the only way I have for now.

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