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1 Unity with Multiple Exchange partners

Please help, Im working at a site that has a new Exchange 2003 server under a new domain name ( which they are trying to integrate with their current Unity server which is under the domain (exchange 2000). Do the Unity accounts have to be re-created on the new Exchange 03 server? They have installed the Exchange 2003 tools in Unity and also ran permissions wizard for the new exchange 03 server. this is what happens when users are moved or created in the new exchange server under the different domain name. Users in the new exchange server under the new domain name hit the messages key on the ip phone it lets them into unity and them unity responds with ?Messages are unavailable? after the password is entered. They receive their voicemails in outlook and can listen to them in outlook but not on the phones. Please help



Re: 1 Unity with Multiple Exchange partners

sounds like an authenticaion failure for the new exchange server subscribers.

do the two exchange servers for the single unity system have to be in the same domain?

also, cisco recommends the 2003 server be the partner server when mixed 2000/2003 message stores. i do not think this vital from what i can find but a best practice, in order to ease futher PS upgrades.

Re: 1 Unity with Multiple Exchange partners

I would say it is a permissions issue also. Are you using the latest and greatest Permissions wizard? for your Unity Version?

scroll down to Permission and select the correct one for your version.

For whatever reason, the messages are being delivered, but Unity can not access the voicemails in the exchange box. Unity Messaging store service account is missing on that Exchange box probably. This account is like the Exchange Admin account in AD. Exchange Admin can read and write to any Exchange box. Unity is requesting to read the inbox of the dialed in Alias or Subscriber. Exchange is denying it.

Check your logs in Unity and also on the Exchange server.

Also, if this is a large enviroment.. you may have replication issues or slow replication. Exchange may still be replicating the mailbox change from server to another. Unity then has to replicate with AD and understand where everyone is to deliver and retrieve messages.

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