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2 email message for 1 voice mail

I have a customer that when they recieve a voice mail their email will pull in 2 message. The first will be the voice mail message left by the caller. The second will be like a system greeting. Both email are received at the same time.


Re: 2 email message for 1 voice mail

I would check your Unity subscibers "After Greeting" and "After Message" options to make sure it's not sending the user somewhere else that is creating the 2nd message. Who is the system greeting sourced from? This might assist in determining the problem. Always run a DBWalker as well to make sure you don't have any weird database inconsistencies.

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Re: 2 email message for 1 voice mail

Thanks for the quick reply. The second message is coming from the first unity voice mail port. The message says "caller leave a message press 2".

I checked the after message in unity and it is set to "Say Goodbye".

I checked the After Greeting in unity and its set to "Take Message".

If the user checks voice through the phone they don't get the second messgae. Only when email pulls in the voice mail messages.


Re: 2 email message for 1 voice mail

Yeah definitely check for a bug on that one. What version of Unity is it? Have you changed the default message record length? My thinking is maybe it might be cutting off the message and some bug in Unity might not terminate the call, thus leaving the 2nd message. Also are you using the standard conversation or possibly using a Custom Key mapping available from the Unity Tools? That's the type of things I would look at, pretty much anything that has been changed off the standard Unity settings. Beyond that I've never came across this issue before.


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