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2 Exchange storage groups

We have added a second exchange storage group and moved 15 people over to it and left the remaining on the first storage group. I had to recreate the subcribers to get their voicemail functioning again. Now the message indicator light will not turn on when they recieve a new message. Any ideas?


Re: 2 Exchange storage groups

Hello -

Assuming this is not a permissions issue, meaning you ran the permissions wizard for the new (second) information store, you may just need to resynch the MWI. Here are the ways to do, depending on the number of users you have altogether:

1. If just 15 users, you can resynch each user individually from the Unity SA. Go to the user's Messages page and click the Refresh MWI button.

2. From the UTIM, you can resynch MWI for all users. Depending on how many you have and how many ports you have configured for MWI, this can take a few minutes. The Unity Notifier service will recheck each user's inbox for new messages.

You didn't mention Exchange version nor PBX. You should not have had to recreate the subscribers to get voicemail functional again. Did you perform the Move Mailbox function (Exchange 2000 or 2003) or is this Exchange 5.5? I don't have direct experience with 5.5 and Unity. If using CallManager you can check the status of the light by going into the Admin interface, displaying the phone and click on the phone's hyperlink (IP address). This will show what CCM thinks the light status is. In Unity SA, the Messages page for a user will also display what Unity thinks the status is. If these are out of synch, using the procedures I posted here should work. Once you do this, you can trigger new voice message to check by going to the user's Outlook, if unified messaging, and edit the voice message Mark as Unread. This should light the light on the phone. Or if voicemail only, you can do this as an admin or just send the user a new voice message. That will work too.


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