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2 Exchange stores one Unity 7 server

I have 2 exchange stores (east/west) both on the same AD domain and I one Unity 7 server on the same domain. I currently trying to migrating from a Unity 4.05 stand alone VMO server to Unity 7 unified communions.

Is it possible to have one Unity 7 unified communications server get to both exchange stores.

I am playing in a DEV environment and I did not see the option for more then one partner exchange server when I was building the Unity 7 server.

I did see some posts that it could be done, its just I am not seeing were to add the second partner exchange store in Unity.

Thanks for your help;


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Re: 2 Exchange stores one Unity 7 server


You always only partner with one Exchange server. Where permissions to other servers/storage groups is granted is when you run the Permissions Wizard. You will select these other stores where subscribers will have mailboxes on.

Hope that clarifies,


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Re: 2 Exchange stores one Unity 7 server

Hi Tom,

Yes you can have more than one exchange server in the environment but you might not met the bandwidth/latency requirement.

Unity only requires 1 Exchange partner server.

SRND requirement -

In your particular case, it's would be best to have a Unity server on each site and enable digital networking.

Rick Mai

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Re: 2 Exchange stores one Unity 7 server

We would be a little over the delay times across our DS3 listed in the document you sent.

In case I cannot get funding for a second server and possiable additional license cost , and I want to attempt this from one one site, can I add the second exchange server (again I don't see where to add a second server) server or just run the permissions wizard suggested in the previous post?

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Re: 2 Exchange stores one Unity 7 server

Running PW will give Unity access to the 2nd Exchange server. You might experience message send/retrieval delay if you're going over a WAN.

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