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New Member

2003 exchange to 2007

Good day all,

can some one inform me of the process, an overview, of 2003 to 2007 exchange in connection to how unity would be addressed. we will be installing 2007 in our enviroment. this will be a PHASED approach. 100 users on 2007 for a time then move, hopefully, the rest over. we have unity 5.0 which i know is concern is having in production two exchange  server enviroment for a time..can some one tell me if they have experienced something like this and if it can be done..

thank you for you time.



Re: 2003 exchange to 2007

I have outlined this somewhere in the forums but here is run down on how i do it:

- install your Exchange 2007

- Test your Exchange 2007 (everything, email between 2003 and 2007, etc)

- Once Exchange is "certified" in production

- run permissions wizard (download latest)

- Run the Mailstore wizard in add/remove programs on the Unity server. (logged at the console also, not RDP!)

- switch the home server to your 2007, but keep 2003 still.

- Finish off the powershell scripts and wait for everything to sync up.

- take a Unity subscriber that is using Exchange 2003, and use AD to move them from 2003 to 2007

- Wait for Unity to sync up or force a DC/GC reconnect.  Wait for completion

- you should see on the subscriber profile on Unity SA the mailstore has been updated.

- test your MWI on/off with TUI, send a message, etc.  Repeat with outlook using read/unread to trigger MWI.

- let it run for a couple days and actually use the pilot mailbox, use your own.

- Once you know the system is working with Unity and vice versa, you can move Exchange users from 2003 to 2007 at your leasure.  Just remember Unity takes a little bit to sync everyone up or get updates from AD.

New Member

Re: 2003 exchange to 2007


i usually do search b4 posting..but its one of those things. now this is not depentdent on unity of which i am responsible. this will be driven by EMC who is doing the exchange. they will build the exchange07, then move 100 active users concern, and maybe you hit on it, is having unity interface to two servers, 03 and 07. and would you see this as a other issue, i have heard, is of the unity subscribers i have, about 150 are vm only. which i have heard can be a problem..

Bottom line. i appreciate your knowledge and feed back, i am still getting feetwet in the voip world and having unity connect to two different servers in production, confuses me.

Thanks again T!

Re: 2003 exchange to 2007

No problem!

Basically, I like to tell my customers that Exchange 2007 must be in Production before we can use it for Unity.  The reason being is that once you partner with Exchange 2007, its the primary connection for Unity.  Even if there are users on Exchange 2003.  If Exchange 2007 goes down, then Unity will have to spool voicemails.

It really does not matter if the users are "VM only" because once you itegrate into production Exchange with email, its considered UM.   Voicemail Only is when you have a separate AD domain/forest and Exchange server specfically used for Unity. 

New Member

Re: 2003 exchange to 2007


sounds good. our vm users are in the same domain, just in seperate mailstore.

thanks again. i really do appreciate the help..

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