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2nd language

I've added a second language to a unity 404 system and created 2 profiles - the 2nd profile dials a french opening CH (using routing rules). After the caller leaves a msg for a subscriber the system reverts to english ("if you would like to try another extension...."). What do I need to change so that it remains French. Will this change affect English callers. This is only for external callers i.e non subscribers.

Cisco Employee

Re: 2nd language

The subscriber they hit is probably set to English - you'd want to make sure that all your handlers and subscriber's outside caller language is set to "inherited".

Unity uses a "tag you're it" model of language. So the call hits an object that set to a language, it is then "tagged" with that language. If the object is set to "inherited" it uses the language the call it "tagged" with.

So the way to do this is to have calls set to a language when they come into the system either through routing rules or the initial handlers they hit and then have the rest of the handlers/subscribers/etc... set to inherited".

New Member

Re: 2nd language

The opening greeting they hit is French, all prompts are ok until they hit the goodbye CH - this is set as inherited so I would assume this should be played in French but it's in English. Audio Text manager for the opening greeting shows goodbye, Directory handler and operator - all these are inherited, is that ok or should I change them all manually to French. I would have thought if the opening greeting and the subscriber they leave a msg for is set in French would mean that the call is tagged and therefore all other prompts should be French (as they are inherited).

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