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4.0(3) MWI and Configuration Setup

Unity 4.0(3)

Exchange 2003 Unified

CCM 3.3

I have a customer that is having an issue with MWI lights after they reboot their Unity server. They noticed this issue around the time the migrated from Exchange 2002 to Exchange 2003 (Migration was to new server platform not an upgrade).

When they perform a reboot of the Unity 4.0(3) server and lets say during POST of the server a subscriber listens to their Voicemail via Outlook (The state should be at this point MWI OFF). When Unity comes back online it displays the subscriber state as MWI ON (Even though they have NO new voice messages).

To fix this the customer has to go and run configuration setup again and within 5 minutes MWI is back to the state it should be.

This happens every time they need to perform a reboot of Unity


Re: 4.0(3) MWI and Configuration Setup

During startup Unity has to login to every mailbox and get the status of the mailbox. This can take a log time if you have a lot of users. Recently I was working on a customer that was VM only with dedicated Exchange servers and it took 45 minutes for 2500 subscribers.

Do you still have them problem after the notifier logs to the event log that it has finished syncing mailboxes?

What happens if you restart the notifier service?

What happens if you refresh the MWI status from the SA?



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Re: 4.0(3) MWI and Configuration Setup

The customer is indicating that they can see the notifier write to the app log that it is syncing mailboxes. Immediately after that they see this error:

Event Type: Error

Event Source: CiscoUnity_AvCs

Event Category: None

Event ID: 100

Date: 2/24/2004

Time: 6:43:51 PM

User: N/A

Computer: HQUNITY01


Exception occurred and handled. Contact Cisco Technical Support. File:


at Line: 768 - Error: 80004005H Call stack:

0x5DF772DD AvMWIDeviceSvr.dll:

For more information, click:

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Re: 4.0(3) MWI and Configuration Setup


Has anyone seen this error in the past???

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Re: 4.0(3) MWI and Configuration Setup


did you get a fix for this as we are experiencing the same?



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Re: 4.0(3) MWI and Configuration Setup

No I did not.

TAC indicated that it had to do with permissions and said I should re-run permissions wizzard. We did this and the problem still exists......

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Re: 4.0(3) MWI and Configuration Setup

Hi, Did you get anywhere with this.

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