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4.2 Subject Customization Options

We've recently upgraded Unity from 3.1.5 to 4.2 running with Exchange 2000 and a Nortel switch.

With the upgrade we have noticed the subjects of the messages were slightly different. I know 4.2 allows the subjects to be customized now through the Advanced Settings tool which is a great idea.

We got it set for the internal calls to the way it used to be but are still having some issues for the external calls.

For the Subject line customization, Unknown caller messages - which is used for the external callers, it is currently set to "Message from an unidentified caller (%CALLERID%)"

Our users are used to it just stating "Message from %CALLERID%", which I can easily change it to but if we then get a call from a number with CallerID blocked, the subject reads "Message from" with no number or no unidentified caller. Is there a way to only have it state unidentified caller for calls that don't get passed the caller id information?

So calls with caller ID would read:

"Message from %CALLERID%"

Unknown number would read:

"Message from unidentified caller"

This is how it worked with 3.1.5 and I'm trying to figure out if we can make it look the same for our end users.

Any replies are greatly appreciated.


Cisco Employee

Re: 4.2 Subject Customization Options

Well, it didn't _quite_ work that way in earlier versions - there were numerous subject line constructions used depending on the source of the message and the path the caller took to leaving it - part of the 4.2 work was centralizing all that in one spot and making it consistent (there were several bugs open about differing syntax for subject line details).

No, there's no logic for "if this value is empty then do X else do Y" for the subject line at this point - it's a simple search/replace mechanism that is universal for the different scenarios (i.e. sub to sub, outside caller, message from an interviewer, live record session...). It'd be pretty hard to expose that without pulling out a full on scripting language syntax that we could expose which is a little more involved than I think the product folks are wanting to get on this front.

We could do something like initalizing the variables to something - so you could have the callerid value set to "not provided" by default and it gets over written only if some value greater than 0 is provided by the phone integration - not quite what you're asking for but simpler than if/then/else logic for the subject line construction itself.

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Re: 4.2 Subject Customization Options


Does this subject line customization work for Internet subscribers in any version of Unity?


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