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7970 remote branch phones re-registering on CUCM 7.1(3)SU2

Hello all,

I have a problem with our remote branch 7970 phones re-registering intermittently. I appreciate this is question that could be be any number of things and I am speaking with our WAN providers at present.

However, I have a hunch that it might be firmware related.

We recently upgraded our CUCM cluster from 6.1(4) to 7.1(3)SU2. I left the firmware on 8-5-3 and plan on upgrading it soon. However, this week we had our branch phones re-register more frequently than normal.

On our previous CUCM version we were running the 7970 firmware 9-0-2 and our phones seemed pretty stable for at least 3 weeks. However, when I was running 8-5-3 and 8-5-4 we seemed to experience the problem more often.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Our local phones in London are completely stable. I even had a test phone setup in London pointing to the branch subscriber and that remained stable also.

We are running G7.11 across our whole cluster and bandwidth utilisation isn't a problem either. Some branches are not even on active call when the phones drop out.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



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Re: 7970 remote branch phones re-registering on CUCM 7.1(3)SU2

If you throw a power brick on one of the phones that continues to lose registration the logs should tell you the reason for the phone losing registration be it a network timeout or some other issue.  Also, you can look at the CM traces for when the phone re-registers and it will tell you the generic reason for last loss of connectivity.


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Re: 7970 remote branch phones re-registering on CUCM 7.1(3)SU2

Thanks for the tip Matthew.

It's looking more like a WAN issue after all.



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