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7975 doesn't ring when dialed

In the last two weeks I've encountered this exact problem twice and I am not sure what could cause it.  I have a SIP 7975 phone registered and working just fine then out of the blue when someone tries to dial the extension on the phone nothing happens.  The digits aren't displayed on the phone, just nothing.  Doesn't matter if I dial on hook or off hook as soon as the dial string completed the window that should show the number dialing shows nothing.  The first time it happend I tried resetting the phone which didn't work so I replaced the phone with the same config to get it working again.  Today I had the problem again on a completely different user's phone, this time a reset from CUCM resolved the problem.  CUCM is 8.5(1), firmware on the phones is SIP75.9-3-1SR2-1S. 

I did some searching but wasn't able to find anything that matched this situation.  Thanks for help in advance. 


7975 doesn't ring when dialed


I would start with checking CallManager and verify that you don't have any database issues (see link below). I would also check the phone status message to see if anything is getting logged prior to the issue.

CUCM Database Troubleshooting guide:

How many CUCM nodes are in your cluster? You can also try changing the CUCM groups for some of the 7975 phones to see if the problem is more prevalent on one node or another.

If you see more phones acting up, I would recommend opening up a TAC case for more assistance.

Good Luck,


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