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8945 Phone Service will not accept input from keypad - intermittent

CUCM 9.1 system using 8945 phones.  I built a custom phone service to facilitate Extension Mobility login.  Because the system is AD/LDAP integrated, I created a menu that let's the user select their username from a list.  So the service points to a static IP Phone Menu XML, which includes the list of EM-enabled usernames, and redirects to a IP Phone Input, which pre-fills the username and device name and only requires the PIN, which then redirects to the EM login URL.  Usually this works just fine.  However, sometimes, the IP Phone Input will not accept input from the keypad.  The work around seems to be to pick up a line, use the keypad (any key), and hang up the line.  Then the service accepts the keys.  It only seems to happen maybe 1 out of 10 attempts.  Any idea what's happening?


8945 Phone Service will not accept input from keypad - intermitt

Hi Chris,

The web access needs to be enabled on one of the 8945's and once the issue occurs you can collect the console logs, core dumps and status messages. Based on the errors corresponding to the time stamp of the issue it may lead us to a known issue. Also, simultaneously you can install the latest firmware available for 8945 on a couple of phones and see if their behaviour changes.



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